Instant36 short film submission  /  2022

About the project

This short film was originally made for instant36 short film contest last year. From coming up with an idea to the final export we only had 36 hours. It’s always a fun challenge that I can only recommend.

The topic for this edition was:
Der Tag verhunzt sich nicht von selbst – which can be interpreted in lots of ways and is therefore hard to translate. For me it means something like that you forge your own destiny.

The object that had to occur in some way or another was a mouse.

We finished the movie in time, submitted it and also got invited to the screening. After the contest was done, we put in a couple more hours to polish the movie a bit. A bit of VFX here, a cut there – and yeah that’s basically it.

Enough talking, enjoy the movie!

Cinematography, Editing, Grading  & VFX

Imanuel Thallinger

Directed by

Mascha Deikova


Marcel Wolski
Daniel Schobesberger

Music by

Blue Bentu

Sound Engineer, Sound Design & Mixing

Tobias Türk

Art Direction & Props

Anna-Sophie Wehmeyer

Production Assistant

Daniel Schobesberger

Huge thanks for your support

Gerhild & Alfred
Richard Kurz
Delta Vision
Mascha Beuthel


Making of pictures by Daniel Schobesberger.