shortfilm / 2014-15 / 3:58 min


A man wakes up in a dark forest chained to a tree. He has no idea how he got here or what has happened. He tries to cut loose, but fails. When he hears strange noises surrounding him, he panics. He has to get out of here.


This short film was made by Imanuel Thallinger, Andreas Weiss, Christoph Würzlhuber and Patric Kronlachner. It was our semester project at University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg in 2014. When we sat together to discuss ideas for the film, we quite soon knew we wanted to make a film about dreams. Dreams, in particular nightmares, have always been fascinating me. I think it’s sometimes quite scary but also intriguing with what our brain comes up at night. You can’t help yourself and BOOM you are inside a nightmare. Your brain forces you to experience this wild thoughts, that are deep inside of you. All of a sudden you wake up confused and soaked with sweat, just to realize that what seems to be so real was just a dream. This feeling of fear I wanted to portray in the movie.  

  • The Set

  • DOP Imanuel with Canon 7D on a shoulder rig

  • Fogmaster Markus

  • 1st AD Patric & Key Grip Andi

  • Our actor Richard

  • Markus stands in as a double

  • Holy audio guy Chris

  • Director Imanuel giving Richard advices

  • Key Grip Andi becoming an actor!

  • Set photographer Lisi


A short film by
Imanuel Thallinger, Andreas Weiss, Christoph Würzlhuber and Patric Kronlachner

Directed, shot and edited by
Imanuel Thallinger

Richard Panzenböck

1st AD, Script Supervisor, Clapper Loader
Patric Kronlachner

Audio & Sound Design
Christoph Würzlhuber

Key Grip
Andreas Weiss

Andreas Weiss
Imanuel Thallinger

Set Photography
Elisabeth Wieser Linhart

Special thanks to
Roland Keil
Christoph Schaufler
Lukas Kronsteiner
Familie Traxl
Karl Derntl
Markus Schinwald
Michael Bierig
Elmar Glaubauf

Wendepunkt Team
Thanks to everyone who helped making this film!