historic drama / 30 min  / 2018


Austria 1929: The film is about a young prostitute named Luisa, who kills people that want to die, but suddenly her actions are no longer a secret anymore and she gets faced with bifocal perspectives. Luisa tries to show people the thin line between murder and euthanasia, but she doesn`t get much symphathy and is sentenced to death.

About the editing

LUISA was the first film I cut with Avid Media Composer. Coming from Adobe Premiere it took some time to get used to the new user interface and how the program works. At first I was a bit disappointed, because Media Composer didn’t feel very intuitive to me. But I learned to use the programs‘ restrictions to speed up my workflow, because once the whole project was set up, they let me to really focus on the actual edit of the movie (btw the smart tool for editing is really awesome!).

Editor (Film & Trailer)

Imanuel Thallinger


Katharina Sporrer, Wolf Danny Homann, Laura Hermann, Darko Vladetic

Directed by

Daniela Jud

Produced by

Mariia Deikova

Director of Photography

Georg Sommer

You can find out more about the movie here:
LUISA – Website