Sci-Fi drama / 30 min  / 2018


20 years in the future dreams have been long forgotten. People have invented an implant that stops the need to sleep. Instead people spend most of their time being entertained by VirtualReality experiences to escape their dull reality. When Ewan, a former VR salesman, rediscovers dreams, he tries to sell them, in order to safe his own job. But making business with the unconscious has its price…

About the movie

STATUS QUO is a sci-fi drama by film students of University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, Austria. The movie addresses issues that come with a rapid technological advance. How will this affect us as humans? How will our future look like, when we loose oureselves in technology?

Director of Photography, Editor, Colors

Imanuel Thallinger


Farouk El-Khalili, Carla Becker, Andreas Markus

Directed by

Mariia Deikova, Elisabeth Derbay

Produced by

Marie Maitrot

and the help of many more awesome people <3

You can find out more about the movie here:
STATUS QUO – Website