one week / one quarry / the world’s best riders

About the event

Audi Nines MTB is an annual sports event that gathers the world’s best MTB riders for one week to unleash them to insane courses. In a chilled atmosphere with no pressure for the athletes they can progress their sport and have an incredible time with their friends.

There are much more edits to discover on YouTube:

My tasks

Being part of the media crew is always tons of fun, because you meet the nicest and most creative people, but of course it’s also a lot of work. As a filmmaker you have a lot of freedom at this event. Therefore I was not only filming action, but also lifestyle, a lot of interviews and statements. Additionally I also made some of the thumbnails (like the one you see on top) and I was also responsible for cutting the video news reel.

This event is produced by The Distillery.