comedic short / 28 min  / 2018


Wolkenkratzer tells the story of Rushy, a sensation-seeking vlogger, who infiltrates the everyday life and soon also the feelings of Kantlinger who appears to be God’s earthly sidekick. As both slowly get to know each other Rushy approaches her own immortality step by step.

Meanwhile the big chef from „up there“ is fed up with „down there“ and decides to retire – what now? Somebody has to answer all the prayers and deliver the dear deceased up to heaven’s gate. Obviously, not everybody is qualified for this job description…

About the movie

The short-movie Wolkenkratzer puts the value of humanity to a tough test when human beings believe in their own ability to scratch the clouds.

WOLKENKRATZER is a comedic short by film students of University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, Austria. It was filmed in Upper Austria and Bavaria.  

Director of Photography

Imanuel Thallinger


Eva Weingärtler, Manuel Dragan, Olaf Schürmann

Directed by

Hannes Kirschner

Produced by

Raphael Mair