comedic short  /  3rd Place Winner of Instant36 2020


Life can be stressful and overwhelming. With his unique methods Rupert is the right guy to help you let go.  


This movie was created within 36 hours from the first idea to the final cut. It was our submission for the Instant36 Shortfilm Competition, an annual contest which takes place in Salzburg, Austria.

We are extremely proud of what we achieved in this short time and are honored that the judges picked our short as the 3rd place winner of this year’s competition.


This year we packed our cars full of potential film props and headed to a small cabin in the Slovenian Alps, where we spent the weekend to create our short for the Instant36 film competition. The cabin itself was also a filmmaker’s dream location with a stunning view and lots of items that we could also use for the film.

On saturday morning we received the topic for the contest: Time has no place in our world. Alongside we had to include a towel in the movie. After that we spent way too many hours brainstorming and coming up with ideas. Finally at sunset we started filming with a rough idea in mind. Some scenes we changed to night time, so we could finish this film. Next morning when we wanted to continue, but the warm weather was gone – instead it was pouring outside. Eventually the rain even turned into heavy snowfall.

This didn’t stop us. We changed some scenes and managed to wrap filming at around 2pm. Because our cabin was really small and only had electricity from a generator, we decided to drive back home to Austria. Besides from operating the camera I was also editing the piece. During the car drive I started with the selection – until the battery of my notebook was dead.

Back in Salzburg we finished the editing, did some rough grading and started with the audio postproduction. Just 5 minutes before the deadline at 10pm our film was done uploading. Time to celebrate! WOW WOW WOW

Cinematography, Editor, Colors

Imanuel Thallinger

A film by

Mascha Deikova
Hannes Kirschner
Raphael Maier
Philippe Bentegeac
Mascha Beuthel
Imanuel Thallinger