Nine Knights | Nine Queens 2016

Nine Queens Highlights
Nine Knights Highlights
Nine Knights World Records (Edit by me)

Into the cold

Nine Knights and Nine Queens are one of the biggest ski and snowboard events on our planet. For one week the best riders from all around the world gather to show off their skills and progress in a chilled atmosphere (it’s not really a competition). There is Nine Knights for all the boys (Watles, South Tyrol, Italy) and Nine Queens (Serfaus, Austria) for the ladies. With each year the setup is getting more crazy. It already looks sick in the pictures, but once you see it in real-life it just gets ridiculous! Big ups to all the shapers for building these fancy castles, but also of course to the riders for having the guts to jump these insane kickers!

This year I had the opportunity to attend both events as a filmer for The Distillery as part of my internship. It was the first time filming such an event, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Well, it was exhausting with long never-ending work hours, but definitely worth it! During those two events I met so many lovely people, who work their ass off to make these events an unforgetable expierence!

My task was not only filming, but I was also in charge for all the motion graphics (intro, outro, lowerthirds, …) and taking some snaps in between. You can find many videos on their YouTube channel, but I recommend checking out the highlight edits as linked above. At Nine Knights two world records for the highest hip have been broken by David Wise (Ski) with 14,2m and Christian Haller (snowboard) with 11,3m as you can see in the world record edit that I did. These world records got a lot of media attention, therefore some of my motion graphics have been aired internationally – pretty cool!