drama about a rescue mission under the earth  / based on real events /  2023

Riesending mit Verena Altenberger
About the film

A drama about the international rescue mission that took place in 2014 when a cave explorer got seriously injured more than 1000m under the earth. You can watch the film on Netflix.

Together with Hans Hornberger we were shooting drone exteriors in beautiful mountain sceneries and also got some shots as 2nd unit.

Drone Cam Operator, 2nd Unit 1st AC

Imanuel Thallinger

Drone Pilot, 2nd Unit Cam Operator

Hans Hornberger

Production Company

Senator Film


Jochen Alexander Freydank

Director of Photography

Thomas C Dirnhofer

Camera Operator

Martin Hanslmayr


Verena Altenberger

and many more