drama / 28 min  / 2018


In search of security, love and comfort of a loving family, 25-year old Emma returns to her brother after long years. But back in the past, she is confronted with her own vices and weaknesses. Because of the deficiency of self-reflection, Emma becomes prone to a false perception. Driven to find out what Tobi is hiding from her, she construct her own illusion of reality according to the motto “until you believe it”. Reality seems to be more intense for her than it actually is. She can no longer distinguish true reality from delusion. This obsession ultimately leads not only to her doom but also to a tragic destiny to all who love her.


DELIRIUM is another short film that was created during our MultiMediaArt studies. It was filmed in one location, in a small town somewhere in the Czech Republic. Although the movie looks very warm it was actually pretty damn cold filming in this old house. My tasks for this production was getting some b-roll and establishing shots for the opening titles, but at the same time also get some making of footage. I had a lot of freedom and it was a lot of fun to film the surroundings in this beautiful landscape. 

2nd Camera, Stills Photographer

Imanuel Thallinger


Chelsea von Holst, Rob Phoenix

Directed by

Marie Maitrot

Produced by

Bernhard Kasberger

Director of Photography

Cornelia Ohnmacht