music video / part 1 / 4:30 min  / 2018


A man awakes in a never ending nightmare, where he has to face his inner demons. Struggling with his past he makes a disturbing discovery.

About the project

SILHOUETTE is the name of We Blame The Empire’s new single and also the first installment of a two-part short story. After “When The Leaves Turn Red it is the second music video I got the opportunity to make for the band. This time I teamed up with director Mascha Deikova. Together we took the core ideas from the band and created this symbolic, nightmarish music video, which will be concluded in SILENT THRONE, coming January 2019.

Creating this music video was tons of fun. We wanted to go for a very gritty and dark look with muted colors to create a feeling of discomfort and isolation. The song already is very brutal, but to increase this feeling even further, we went for a very kinetic camera with lots of handheld shots. Especially the band performance was very demanding on that terms. I tried to synchronize my camera work with the performance of the each band member. On set our “dance” looked ridiculous, but I think in the music video it turned out great.  

Concept, Director of Photography, Editor, Colors

Imanuel Thallinger

Concept, Performed by

We Blame The Empire


Oliver Haas
Jano Elias Reitmair
Sebastian Penninger

Concept, Written & Directed by

Mascha Deikova

AD / Unit Manager

Hannes Kirschner

AC / Drone Op / B-Cam Op

Andreas Weiss

Gaffer / Grip

Cornelia Ohnmacht
Daniel Solymár

Makeup & Hair

Magdalena Dula

and the help of many more awesome people


You can find out more about the band here:
WE BLAME THE EMPIRE on Animals Mosh Harder


Photos by Andreas Weiss.